5 Tips on how to start planning your wedding!

He asked and you said "YES!" CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Once you have called your parents + closest friends, posted it on Instagram and really took in THAT moment....WHERE DO YOU BEGIN?!?! Here are my 5 tips on how to start planning your wedding!

Tip #1 - What do the two of you want?

Decide where the two of you want to get married. Is it infront of ALL your family and friends? Would you prefer an intimate Elopement in the Rocky Mountains with just the two of you or perhaps with 1-10 of the closest people in your lives by your side? Do you have a million texts and phone calls from people that have suggestions or ideas? Remember, the choice is yours. Don't let anyone push their opinions on you! The last thing you want is to feel like it's not even YOUR wedding. So think about it... just the two of you. Bounce ideas off each-other. After all, its a day to celebrate the joining of two lives - YOURS! 

Tip #2 - Pick the location or venue!

If you are not planning to elope, the first thing to do when it comes to planning your wedding is to decide WHERE it will happen. Secure your venue well in advance, because most of them book up pretty darn fast!!! I am talking 1-2 years in advance. There are so many beautiful venues in Calgary + Canmore for your wedding!! What vibe do you guys want? What fits your unique style as a couple? With so much online today - between google, Instagram + Pinterest - you will be able to find the PERFECT venue for your big (or small) day! But did you decide on an elopement? Check out the next tip with regards to picking your dream location! 

Tip #3 - Contact your Photographer!

Once you've secured a wedding venue - now you have an official wedding date! Contact your dream photographer right away! One that when you see their style of photography + email/or chat with them makes you so excited to work together and gets you even more excited to marry your best friend! Photographers book up fast! 1 year in advance is a good rule of thumb!

If you have decided to Elope and need some guidance with HOW to start planning your dream elopement NEVER hesitate to reach out to your dream photographer. I love helping my couples as much as I possibly can! I will offer suggestions based on what I learn about you two as a couple + then the two of you can decide what best fits YOU!!

Tip #4 - Ask for help

Don't be afraid to ask your family + friends for help. Everyone is so happy for you they would be more than willing!! I mean, stuffing invitations over a bottle of bubbly sounds like a great night right?! You could also ask a wedding planner to help you if you decide to have a larger wedding. They can offer suggestions + help with timelines and organizing everything + everyone on the big day! If you have a smaller wedding + won't be using a wedding planner (in most cases) ask your photographer! I love when my couples reach out! If they need recommendations for other reputable wedding vendors in the area, I have worked with some of the best in the industry and would be more than happy to send you their instagram handle!

Tip #5 - Enjoy the planning process!

Sometimes it's easy to have so much to do that you might end up wishing this part of the process would just be over already! Make sure you ENJOY the planning process. You are only Fiancés once! Take time to consider each others feelings in EVERY decision. Listen to each other - Always communicate with each other! The memories you make during this time and the tasks you check off together leading up to becoming husband + wife will fly by. It's the little moments that make it exciting!!

If you are a Calgary Bride or coming from across the world to have a destination wedding + elope in the Rocky Mountains (Moraine Lake + Canmore are GORGEOUS) I'd love to hear from you! If my style fits yours, let's connect! Fill out my online contact form, provide me as much details as possible + I will get back to you within 24hrs!

Congratulations on your engagement + have fun with your wedding planning!!