I met up with Hayley & Matthew (and their fur baby Lulu) in Kananaskis for their engagement session. These two were ready to embrace the elements and were SO MUCH FUN to work with!!! Based on our time together at their engagement session alone, their 2022 wedding is going to be a blast!

How about you? Are you willing to embrace the elements for your engagement session? Wind, snow, rain & shine will take your engagement session to a whole new level of awesome!

*dreamy golden hour, beautiful movement from the wind, bursts of fluffy snow....*

However, there are times to reschedule: 

EXTREME COLD: when the temperatures are well below zero and cold enough to make you question all your life decisions (eg: last month) frozen faces & numb fingers are much better warm. Plus, if your uncomfortable it will show on camera AND my gear can only handle so much before it decides to snow-down, I mean SLOW down drastically.

RAIN: torrential downpour on the radar? Reschedule - UNLESS you want to get soaked, crank some tunes & dance in the rain (i’d totally be up for that btw! ) + a light trickle of rain is worth embracing! 

WIND: If the wind is SO powerful that you can’t even think because you are trying not to fall over, then yes, let’s reschedule. However, wind can create gorgeous blown hair, or add movement to your dress, which in turn creates beautiful images. 

Congratulations Hayley & Matthew! I am SO excited for you both & look forward to your wedding next year!